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Bonded Warehouse, Fulfillments, Same Day Delivery and more

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Bonded Warehouse

Easy2Go are proud to offer the services of our own bonded warehouse to all of our clients. Our own customs bonded warehouse allows us to store clients' goods while they still going through the import clearance process.

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Value-Added Services

Our value-added services will complete your logistics experience

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Fulfillment & Distribution

Tailor-made solutions for what you need!

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European FBA

Optimise your fulfilment process for fast and cost-effective delivery to your customers.

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Dedicate Same day Delivery

Easy2go ensures your shipment arrives safely. All same-day deliveries are via our dedicated vehicle that handles only your delivery ensuring no damage or connection issues.

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E-commerce is the future. So let’s make your next steps count!

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Supply Chain solutions

A reliable and effective supply chain management service can offer a comprehensive approach which will help you enhance cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

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