Easy2Go Logistics has the expertise for smooth customs clearance to ensure a quality IOSS for e-commerce.

  • The purpose of introducing IOSS was to place EU businesses on equal footing with non-EU businesses.
  • A new Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) was introduced to simplify the importation of low-value goods into the EU.
  • Low-value goods are goods that are imported into the EU from a third country in consignments that do not exceed an intrinsic value of €150 (excluding goods that are subject to excise duty).
  • IOSS allows suppliers importing goods into the EU to declare and pay the VAT due on those goods by submission of a monthly return via the IOSS in the Member State where they have registered for the scheme.
  • With the IOSS, you offer your customers a transparent and hassle-free shopping experience, because you take care of the VAT declarations and payments for cross-border transactions.